"Discovery's Arrival off Cape Mudge, July 13, 1792"
Original watercolour 18¼" x 28½" by Gordon Miller © 1991

"With a light breeze from the northward, in the morning of Friday the 13th, we weighed and left our Spanish friends at anchor... The wind continued light from the northern quarter, and the weather being serene and pleasant, made a most agreeable change.... Soon after mid-day we anchored about half a mile to the northward of point Cape Mudge, in 37 fathoms water, on a bottom of black sand and mud.... From the village situated on point Mudge, we were visited by several of the natives, who brought fish and the wild fruits of their country, which they exchanged for our European articles, in a very fair and honest manner."

From: A Voyage of Discovery... by Captain George Vancouver

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