Siksika (Blackfoot)

CMC V-B-331 a,b

late 19th century.




Collected by
William E. Taylor
in France.

CMC V-B-331 a,b

Porcupine quills, glass beads, smoked brain-tanned deer hide.

    Blackfoot men were known to wear moccasins with beaded soles to pipe and bundle ceremonies. People sitting across from them could admire the beaded soles. Note damage (fading) to the quillwork resulting from long exposure to light.

    Moccasins with fully beaded soles are often referred to as burial moccasins. Although it is true that some people were buried in such footwear, men were known to wear them to pipe and bundle ceremonies. During these long ceremonies, participants sitting across from the wearer could admire the beaded moccasin soles. Note the photograph below of Ah-ah-nee-nin (Gros Ventre) moccasins (CMC V-M-1). The man in the centre is wearing moccasins with beaded soles. The damage (fading) to the quillwork has resulted from long exposure to light.