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Arrival of Strangers - The Last 500 Years


New Symbols and a Changing Landscape

Missionaries brought the cross, the Bible, the baptismal font and the ciborium, powerful symbols of Christianity. The small frame church with bell tower and cross became part of every community, contrasting sharply with traditional architecture. As small frame dwellings replaced traditional houses, the church often became the most prominent building in a village. Crucifixes adorned household walls and became common as personal adornment. Each Aboriginal society modified the long-established yearly calendar that reflected its economy and ritual seasons to include a seven-day week, with Sunday as a day for collective worship. Baptism at first supplemented, then often replaced, traditional naming ceremonies.

French Canadian
Canadian Museum of Civilization, 77-1062, D2002-013468, CD2002-347
Ciborium - 77-1062 - D2002-013468 - CD2002-347
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