An Ancient Bond with the Land

Maritime Peoples

Bountiful Land and Sea

People had access to abundant food sources from spring to autumn. They could harvest land mammals, birds, fish, shellfish and other maritime resources in areas well known to each community.

People collected generous harvests from coastal islands, shoreline intertidal zones, estuaries and rivers, using nets, spears, harpoons, bows and arrows. Food-stuffs were dried or smoked, and stored for winter use. Fired earthenware pots served as storage containers, as well as for cooking.

In late summer and autumn, people gathered medicinal and edible root plants and various fruits and berries. They harvested rushes, cattails and other fibrous plants to make baskets, bags, mats and other household articles.

"...for a long time after, we had the free use of our lands. Our woods were full of caribous and we could get as many moose and beaver, in fact all kinds of beasts. Our rivers were full of Salmon and we could get plenty of it. We also had plenty of good and sound trees on our lands."

Noel Thomas Gennish, Mi'kmaq of Burnt Church, New Brunswick, Petition to King George, March 10, 1862

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