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Fun Ways to Celebrate Canada Day


On July 1, Canadians will be coming together virtually across the country to share their national pride.

Although there will be no public Canada Day events at the Museum this year, it doesn’t mean that the Museum isn’t offering plenty of family fun to help you celebrate. Build a Canada Day time capsule. Go on a Canadian history scavenger hunt. Create your own Canada Day exhibition, or a special Canadian scrapbook. Watch Canada C3 and Beavers. Solve our all-Canadian crossword puzzle. And don’t forget to check out our instructions for patriotic decorations and a special Canada Day noisemaker!

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Have a safe and happy Canada Day!

Canada Day crafts

Celebrate the 153rd anniversary of Confederation and the 55th anniversary of the modern Canadian flag by making maple leaf themed crafts with supplies you already have at home. Create a garland and wand to show your patriotic pride, and a shaker to make some festive noise!

A Canada Day Crossword Featuring Canadian Museums

How much do you know about Canadian history and culture? Find out by solving our crossword puzzle with challenging clues contributed by museums across the country. Celebrate Canada Day by discovering fascinating facts, intriguing objects and amazing stories as you search online for the answers to clues about our country’s past and present.

Build a Canada Day time capsule

Show future generations what life in Canada is like today by creating your own time capsule. Follow conservator Emily’s instructions to make a durable case filled with objects that tell a little bit about you. Then hide the capsule, and make a map so it can be found!

Create a very Canadian scrapbook

Become a part of Canadian history by documenting your life in a scrapbook. Katie, our learning specialist, will help you keep a diary, draw or take pictures of people who are important to you, and record interviews with family members. Start by asking what Canada Day means to them!

Go on a Canadian history scavenger hunt

Believe it or not, your home contains a treasure trove of Canadian history, past and present. On Canada Day, explore different rooms in search of household items — ranging from games to lunch boxes to toothbrushes — and learn about their Canadian connections.

Curate a Canada Day exhibition

Let curator Tim show you how to turn everyday items into a museum-worthy exhibition. Take a virtual tour of the Canadian History Hall for inspiration, learn how to display and tell a story about Canada with your carefully chosen items, and invite members of your household to the grand opening!

Canada C3

Join the Canada C3 Expedition as it travels the world’s longest coastline on a voyage toward introspection and reconciliation, connecting with Indigenous communities across the land. Available until July 5

Starting July 1 – Beavers

Set against the stunning and rugged backdrop of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Beavers tells the story of a family of beavers as they grow, play and transform the world around them.