Spruce Silhouette Sculpture


Painted spruce silhouette cut in metal.

Large size: 46 cm x 14 cm with a 17.5 cm wide stand

Medium size: 38.5 cm x 12 cm with a 15 cm wide stand

Small size: 31 cm x 10 cm with a 13 cm wide stand

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This sculpture recalls the pretty silhouette cut out by the spruce tree, king of the boreal forest, against the twilight sky. Typical Canadian scenery.

Jack Willoughby is a Canadian artist working with metal, primarily steel, aluminum and copper. His work shows his love of nature, while he transforms everyday metal into art pieces inspired by his surroundings. Willoughby is well-known in Canada and the US for his unique, humorous, whimsical designs.

His studio – Anvil Island Design – is located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

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