Sky Dance Northern Lights Diamond Painting


Diamond Art Kits provide everything you need to create a sparkling masterpiece. This kit includes a canvas, a pen, a small tray, color-coded diamond beads, and wax. Using the provided chart, match the bead colors to their corresponding codes, and use the pen and wax to press the diamonds onto the canvas. Continue this process until your entire image is covered in vibrant, shimmering diamonds. Finish by stretching or framing your completed artwork, showcasing authentic indigenous designs!

Dimensions : 15.75 x 19.7 inch (40 x 50 cm)

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Amy Keller-Rempp was born with her artistic talent; she believes it is an amazing gift from God. Throughout her school years she stood out with her natural artistic ability. At the age of twelve she won a 50th anniversary art contest for Smokey the Bear in the Eastern Ontario area. The prize was a helicopter ride and a meeting with Smokey the Bear. This was the beginning for Amy — she realized that she did have an outstanding gift. As she continued through school, she always focused on her art. She was involved with many community murals, donated her art for school fundraisers, and contributed to school events by providing backdrops for Remembrance Day assemblies, Christmas events and backdrops for large theatrical plays.