Musical Spoon – Small (Giboulée) – Colored


The small spoon produces the highest tone of the 3 sizes. This is our entry-level size, it’s also recommended for children from 3 to 6 years old. The name Giboulée means ”the first snow”, happening in early fall in Québec, Canada.

Handmade from Maple wood – 4 cm x 4 cm x 21 cm – 57 g

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About Musical Spoons

Origins of the Musical Spoons

Musical spoons are a centuries-old instrument that we all know and love. They have been played as percussion instruments since antiquity, gaining special prominence in Irish and Celtic music. There are versions of the musical spoon all around the globe, from Brazil, Russia and Turkey to Canada and the United States. Our version of the musical spoons is what can be called the ‘’Canadian’’ adaptation. Attached together and handmade from maple wood; their unique design makes them easy to play, and gives them a unique and wonderful sound.

A unique gift

Heritage Musical Spoons are easy to learn and make for a truly exceptional gift for music lovers and musicians. This unique percussion instrument can be played alongside a whole array of instruments, including the guitar, ukulele, fiddle, drums and other melodic instruments. Plus its convenient size makes it easy to carry so you can have music wherever you are.

Musical awakening for children

Musical spoons are an excellent learning tool to teach kids the basics of music. Kids can explore and experiment with rhythm and timing, and they won’t cost you hundreds of dollars in expensive lessons. Musical spoons are a great way to turn your kids on to a lifetime of music.

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