Morning Star Card by Alex Janvier


“Morning Star – Gambeh Then” by Alex Janvier is more than an artwork; it’s a bridge to heritage, an embodiment of unity, and a celebration of history’s many shades. Choose the format that speaks to you and invite the spirit of Indigenous culture into your living space.

Formats: Unframed, Matted White Cardboard, Framed in Black

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Drawn from his deep Indigenous roots, Alex Janvier’s creative journey culminates in “Morning Star.” The outer ring of the painting represents different epochs of Native history: yellow symbolizes harmony with nature, blue signifies the impact of European contact, red embodies revival and optimism, and white encapsulates reconciliation and harmony.

Alex Janvier, a prominent figure in the “Indian Group of Seven,” holds a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of Canadian Indigenous art. “Morning Star” serves as a testament to his commitment to preserving heritage while embracing change. Through this artwork, he weaves a tapestry of culture and resilience that resonates across generations.

Alex Janvier’s masterpiece Morning Star, painted in 1993, adorns the dome of the Haida Gwaii Salon in the Museum. The mural rises seven stories above the salon and covers 418 m2. Janvier completed the work in just over three months, with the help of his son Dean.

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