Maple Leaf Tartan Bow Tie


This bow tie is made of pure wool in a light weight tartan (Reiver 10 oz. fabric wove by Lochcarron of Scotland). The neck strap fastens at the side with a latch and is fully adjustable.

  • Dry clean only
  • 12 cm by 6 cm
  • Woven and made in Scotland

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The Maple Leaf tartan was created by David Weiser in 1964. It was made an official symbol of Canada in 2011. The Maple Leaf tartan symbolizes our environment. Its colors represent the life cycle of the maple leaf. It is about the land and that is a reminder of its traditional custodians. And it is a testimonial of the success of the new Canadians. In fact, it was created by an immigrant who wanted it to be a tartan for all Canadians, and he wanted us to wear it with pride. It even points out how identities are plural and complex and how that enhances our national fabric.

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