La Ceinture fléchée / The Arrow Sash / Aienkwire atiatahna


Publisher: Hannenorak
Collection: Youth
EAN: 9782923926124
Format: paperback
Pages: 54
Published on May 13, 2014

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By Sylvain Rivard (Author), Kristin Talbot Neel (Translator), George Gilbert Wahiake:ron (Translator)

Inspired by the ‘Why Books’, this wonderfully illustrated documentary book opens with a question from a child who wants to learn more about sash belts. Her grandmother knows how to keep him interested with her answers full of colours. The following pages describes the origins, the significations and the uses of this object that came to us from the Iroquoians. It is the first book from a series about the anthropology of First Nations clothing.

La ceinture fléchée / The Arrow Sash / Aienkwire atiatahna is trilingual: French, English and Mohawk.

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