Cee Pootoogook Puzzle – Surfacing Bear


• 72 pieces
• 11.2” (28 cm) x 8.3” (21 cm)
• Made and printed in Canada
• Authentic Indigenous artwork

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This beautifully illustrated 72 pieces puzzle by Canadian Inuit Cee Pootoogook is a good way to initiate yourself or someone you like to the puzzle world and the Canadian First Nation artworks. Not only will it challenge your mind, its vibrant colours and unique artwork are sure to appeal your visual senses. Appreciate this individual piece of art while engaging your intellect. What a great way to spend a weekend in front of the fire or as a gift for someone special!

About Cee Pootoogook

Cee Pootoogook was born on August 1, 1967. Around 1990, Cee began carving and he developed a solid reputation for his curious and well executed depictions of spirits and transformations.

In 2009 Cee gave up sculpture and began work as a stonecut printer. In a very short time Cee demonstrated an aptitude for the precise and methodical qualities required for the time consuming work of editioning prints. He has also been drawing for the past several years, depicting the day to day activities of community life as well as traditional subjects and wildlife.

Authentic Indigenous artwork. The artist or copyright holder has been paid a royalty for the sale of this product.

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