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Patricia Corrigan

A photograph of the Canadian Museum of History and the Curatorial Building in the winter, with the Parliament buildings in the background

The Canadian Museum of History
©Canadian Museum of History, photo Steven Darby, IMG2015-0169-0030-Dm

Welcome to a new space for showcasing Canadian stories.

The Canadian Museum of History has embarked on an ambitious and exciting new project: to develop an exhibition that tells the stories of our country, what it is and how it got to be that way. Through sharing the stories of our past, the new Canadian History Hall will show that Canada’s past is still relevant today, and that our history is all around us. It is our mission to collect the stories of the diverse and varied experiences of the real people who lived on this land and to share them with Canadians across the country.

In this spirit of sharing and collecting stories, we have launched this blog to spark a conversation about our history. On this blog we’ll talk about our past, sharing stories achievement, struggle and loss, and those of survival, success and great hope for the future. We’ll also share stories about the Canadian Museum of History and the people who work here so that our readers can learn more about their national museum of history. We’ll talk about the exhibitions we’re developing, our research projects, different moments in Canadian history and objects from the National Collection — an all-around insider’s look behind the scenes at the Canadian Museum of History.

On this blog we’ll also share project updates and stories about the team that is creating the new hall so that Canadians can see some of the work that goes into creating an exhibition of this scope. We hope that you will follow the development of the groundbreaking, 4,000 square metre Canadian History Hall through this blog, up to its grand opening on July 1, 2017.

Most importantly, though, this blog will be a place where you can share your stories and engage with the Museum and other Canadians. We’re excited to start a conversation about Canada’s history, and look forward to hearing your own stories and thoughts. So follow us, like us, share us, and let’s get the conversation going.

Why don’t we get started with a question: When the Canadian Parliament buildings were burned to the ground in 1849, what city were they in?

Get the answer, and the rest of the surprising story, in Tuesday’s post.

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