Year of the dog!

February 18, 2018

Year of the dog !

CMH, 2000-1554, 50792, 74-18631, S2004-867 LS, 69094, 83-6335, 51136, 39528, 43976

Collage of dog photographs to highlight the year of the dog in the Chinese calendar: Woman with a dog, Dorset, Nunavut, [1940-1960], Two sled dogs near Martin Point, Alaska, 1914, Skiing with a friend, Port Daniel, Quebec, ca 1925, Man Washing Clothes, British Columbia, [190?-1911], Arriving at Cap Dorset post from Fox Island using sled dogs, Baffin Island Expedition, Northwest Territories (Nunavut), 1926, Two men and two pack dogs. [190?-1911], Emui with his dog at M’Clure Strait, Northwest Territories, 1916, Dogs tied to a sled harness at Collinson Point, Alaska, 1913, Woman holding a dog, Quebec, 1918