Behind the Scenes… Political Greeting Cards

Xavier Gélinas

The expression and exchange of warm wishes in the form of holiday greeting cards is a tradition dating back nearly two centuries. This holiday season, the Museum invites you behind the scenes to look at some special cards from its collection.

Politicians such as prime ministers and party leaders carefully craft the messages conveyed in their greeting cards. Politics never takes time off — even at Christmas. “Political” cards give us an overview of the ideas, fashions, principles, and preferences of the political world and Canadian society. In this short video, Xavier Gélinas, Curator, Political History, presents some of his favourite greeting cards from the Museum’s collection, and shares his thoughts on their content and style.

Xavier Gélinas, Curator, Political History, Histoire politique

Xavier Gélinas, Curator, Political History, Histoire politique

A little bit about Xavier!

Xavier Gélinas has been Curator of Political History since 2002. His work involves enriching and documenting the Museum’s collections of artifacts and documents, while also enhancing public knowledge of Canada’s political history.

Xavier is particularly interested in the political and intellectual history of Quebec and Canada in the 20th century.

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