Meet Ralph — He’d love to take you on an exclusive guided tour

November 8, 2022

Thirty-three years ago, on June 29, 1989, the Canadian Museum of History opened its doors to the public, and Ralph Brassard eagerly joined the crowds.

Ralph Brassard

I heard on the news [that] the Museum was going to open, and I came on the first day with my mom,” recalls Ralph. “I was fascinated with the architecture, the building […] the Grand Hall was stunning.

That very first day, Ralph and his mom became members of the Museum. They visited frequently over the years, creating many special memories together. And nine years later, when the Museum was hiring tour guides for the King Tut exhibition, Ralph was hired as a summer student, and later as a permanent tour guide.

For more than 25 years, Ralph has been working with the Museum’s Client Service team, sharing his knowledge, passion and love of history with visitors and members. As a program interpreter, Ralph leads hands-on guided tours through the three galleries of the Canadian History Hall, highlighting key artifacts and historical treasures, while also sharing the human stories that bring history to life for hundreds of people every year.

I really enjoy giving tours to the public,” says Ralph. “My favourite part is getting to meet people from all walks of life. I really like meeting Canadians from across the country, and talking to people from other places, cultures and backgrounds. I enjoy the fact that people are interested in Canadian history and culture.

And his favourite artifact? A table hockey game.

Hockey table game, N.H.L Pro – Canadian Museum of History, 988.44.1, CD1994-0539-073

I used to have one as a teenager, and spent lots of time playing it. It reminds me of my friendship with my best friend. This year marks the 50th anniversary of our friendship, and that game brought us together,” says Ralph. “Hockey is part of the Canadian identity, and I always get an excellent reaction when talking about this artifact, especially from school groups.”

Free tours with guides like Ralph are one of the many exclusive benefits for Museum members. Contact membership services at for more information, or take a virtual tour at Ralph or another one of our knowledgeable guides would love to show you around!