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Annual Report 2018–2019


Donors and Sponsors

Donor Recognition at the Museum

Thank You for Your Support

The corporation is extremely grateful for the generous contributions of our donors, and for the investments made by our corporate sponsors. Their support is instrumental in helping us achieve our goals for exhibitions, programming and collections development for both the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum.

2018–2019 Donations and Pledges

This is a list of donors and sponsors who have made financial donations over $250, or pledge instalments for major gifts, during the fiscal year. The category in which each donor is listed reflects the value of the gift or pledge instalment received in the 2018–2019 fiscal year, and does not represent the total gift generously offered to the Museum.

$100,000 and more
The Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation
Crabtree Foundation
The Fredrik Eaton Family
Margaret and Jim Fleck
The Hill 70 Memorial Project
John and Elizabeth Irving
RBC Foundation
The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
The Wilson Foundation
Mr. Cyril Woods

$10,000 to $99,999
BCU Foundation
Arthur B. C. Drache, C. M., Q.C. and Judy Young Drache
HCol (Ret’d) John C. Eaton, K.St.J, O.Ont., D.Com. and HCol (Ret’d) Sally Horsfall Eaton, S.S.St.J., C.D., R.N., LL.D.
Fleming Foundation
Friends of the Canadian War Museum
Russel and Bonnie Marcoux
The McLean Foundation

$1,000 to $9,999
John Anderson
Karen and Bill Barnett
Andrea T. Bobkowicz
Dean Brinton and Sylvie Proulx
Brookfield High School
Dr. Frederick J Brooks-Hill
Barbara Currie
Dawne Deeley
Maurice Dupasquier
Jean and Dennis Giguère
Norman Hillmer and Susan Whitney
Historica Canada
IODE Walter Baker Chapter
Jackman Foundation
Geoffrey Joyner
Paul Kavanagh
Daniel Kavanagh
Litens Automotive Group
René J. and Thérèse Marin
Bill & Doreen Motz
The Peter and Melanie Munk Charitable Foundation
Nesbitt Family
Dean F. Oliver
Janice, Caroline, Patrick and Mark O’Neill
Jennifer Pereira and Kurt Soucy
Elinor Gill Ratcliffe C. M., O.N.L., LL. D (hc)
H. Graham Rawlinson and Catherine E. Salo
Don and Jean Rutherford
Donald Rutherford
John and Donna Schwartzburg
John N. Tilley
Laurier Turgeon
Chrissie Unterhoffer
Peter Veryha
W. A. Waselovich
Robert C. Wilband
Donna Lee and J. W. Zaleski

$500 to $999
Ashbury College
Raymond and Audrey Beaulieu
Shirley Brosseau
Michèle Canto
Colonel (Ret’d) John Catto, CD
Sterling Conrad
Corporation du Fort St-Jean
Honor and Michael de Pencier
Frieda Dym
Eleanor Palmer Friesen
R. Allan Gould
Derek Harrison
Kevin B. Higgins
Donald G. Hook
Narmin Ismail-Teja and Mohamed Teja
M. T. Johnston
Audrey Kenny
Linda Kincaid
J. V. Th. Knoppers
Alison T. Love
Lower Canada College
Patricia Lynch and Marc Richard
John and Nancy Matthews
Richard Maxfield
Isabell McDorman
Col (Ret’d) D. B. McGibbon
Susan M. Merry
Yasmine Mingay
Arley K. Molloy
Charles B. Nixon
Orillia Unit 400 ANAVETS in Canada
Osgoode Township High School
Joan Porter
Ridley College
Karen Rowbottom
Gene R. Scissons
Selwyn House School
Mark and Pat Shields
Stanstead College
Claude Thibault
Linda and Roli Tipper
Robert G. Tucker
Calvin C. Wenzel
West Point Grey Academy
Jack Whitmore

Legacy Circle
We are proud to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for providing a future gift to the Museum through a bequest, gift of life insurance or other planned giving arrangement.

J. L. Granatstein
Col (Ret’d) Jarrott W. Holtzhauer
Ernest Howard
Paul Kavanagh
General Paul Manson
Ann R. Mooney
John and Donna Schwartzburg
Second Lieutenant Richard Iorweth Thorman, RCA

Artifact Donors in 2018–2019

These individuals and organizations have chosen to be recognized for their artifact donation this year. Their generous donations represent a remarkable acknowledgement of the value of our shared history, culture and identity.

Mona and William Allister
Andrea Baynton
Deborah Benard
Leslie L. Black
Brian Black, RCN (Ret’d)
Joan Blanchard
Marion Bridgman
Mr. John Campbell
Bertrand Carrière and Phillipe Baylaucq
MCpl Julia Coombs (Ret’d)
Mrs. Jane Coyne Welch
Frank (Francis) W. H. Davies
John Devlin / Wendy Devlin and grandchildren
Elnora Historical Society Museum
Margaret Ewing
David Farnes
Gordon Fennell
Luba Frastacky
E.H. Pierre Garneau
Diane Grappin and Francis Zimala
Reesa Greenberg
Les Harris
Alevia Healey
Hon. Serge Joyal
Frances, Cyndi, Judy, and Danny Kucharsky
Lorraine, Ben, and Larry Lefebvre
Rita Leistner
Alan and Joan Lindsay
Robert Locke
Kenneth Lund Family
Katherine Reynolds Macedo
Lewis MacKenzie
Thérèse and René J. Marin
Lois Machum McAlary
Christopher McCreery
Jack McFarland, Jr.
Rob Roy McGregor, Jr., Julia McGregor Porter, Anne McGregor Belcher
Judy Mendicino
Thérèse Morange-Venor
Mrs. Sumiko Nishiyama
Constance O’Donnell
Bdr (Ret’d) Peter W. Pau, 30 RCA
Maj Glen Perry
Diane Pontikes
Bernard Aimé Poulin
Ruth E. Rae
Carol Risteen, Diane Childs, and Peter Risteen
Su Rogers
Patricia Ryder-Burbidge
Bess L. Saranchuk
Barbara and Mel Schloss
Alexander J. Silcock and Bette E. Silcock
Linda Marion Squires
Dr. B.E. St. John
Mathew Stringfellow
Katherine Surmanski
2Lt Richard Iorweth Thorman, RCA
Evan Nancy Turner
Dr. J. D. Watson