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Research and Collections

Research and Collections

Archaeological Discovery in Organic Terrain in Canada – Page 11

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Cosmology and Archaeology

Cosmology is a cultural theory of the universe, its parts and laws, or how one places oneself and one’s origins; and how one may affect fate by acquiring personal power and through prayer, taboo, rituals and ceremonial acts, or by a shaman’s assistance. First Nations cosmology was individualistic and animistic and recognized the spirit power of animals, rocks, plants, sky, water (Wright 1995). Although historical documents indicate that pre-Christian Celtic and Germanic people of northwestern Europe had similar beliefs and some shared symbols, these are only parts of the complex religious beliefs on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Although votive offerings of tobacco, food, arrows, and other objects were left at sacred sites, these ‘sacrifices’ are only superficially comparable to the cultural rituals revealed in the Mysterious Bog People.


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