Research and Collections

Research and Collections

How to Order

Publications of the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum may be ordered from any fine bookshop or directly from our Mail Order department, as follows:

Wholesale, retail and library orders for any co-published book, including those in the Museum of History’s Mercury Series, should be directed to the co-publisher, as listed in the individual detailed book descriptions found on the Publications section of our website.

All recent publications are also available to purchase from each Museum’s on-site boutique. Requests for older, out-of-print or archived publications should be directed to the Library of the Canadian Museum of History.

Distribution: University of Toronto Press Distribution

University of Toronto Press (attn. Distribution)
5201 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M3H 5T8
Phone: 1-800-565-9523 or 416-667-7791
Fax: 1-800-221-9985
By EDI: Through PubNet: SAN 115 1134


Sales Representation (English Canada): Ampersand Inc.

British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon,
Northwest Territories

Cheryl Fraser/Ali Hewitt/Dot
Middlemass/Mark Penney
Tel: 604-448-7111
Fax: 604-448-7118
Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan
Judy Parker
Tel: 204-837-4374
Fax: 866-276-2599
Eastern Ontario, Quebec
Mark Penney
Tel: 604-448-7170
Fax: 604-448-7118
Vancouver Island
Lorna MacDonald
Tel: 250-382-1058
Fax: 250-383-0697
Ontario, Nunavut
Saffron Beckwith/Karen
Beattie/Morgen Young/
Vanessa Di Gregorio
Tel: 416-703-0666
Fax: 416-703-4745
Atlantic Provinces
Ali Hewitt
Tel: 604-448-7166
Fax: 604-448-7118

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Research Strategy
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