Research and Collections

Research and Collections

Theory, methods, techniques

About Archaeology

About Archaeology

Archaeoogy: & You

Archaeology at Parks Canada

Unearthing the Law: Archaeological Legislation on Lands in Canada

Warning – Steep Grade Ahead: Current Directions in Canadian Archaeology

Mémoire archéologique du Québec

An Introductory Handbook to Saskatchewan Archaeology

An A Handbook for Teaching Archaeology In Saskatchewan Schools

Artifacts B.C.: Archaeology

British Columbia Archaeological Resource Management Handbook

How is an archaeological expedition organized?

The Borden System of Site Identification

Archaeological Field Methods

Saskatchewan Heritage Online

Archaeological Predictive Modelling Project

The Record of Time: An Introduction to Paleoanthropological Dating Methods

Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Database

Radiocarbon WEB-info

Contemporary Methods in the Study of Crop Evolution Archaeology

The Sourcing of Chert Artifacts by INAA: Some Examples from the Great Lakes Region

Paleo-DNA Laboratory

Mortuary Beliefs and Practices of the Northern and Southwestern Athapaskans

The Effect of Usewear on the Individualization of Chop Marks on Bone

The Use of Laser Tools in Archaeology

A Virtual Computer Imaging Technique for Archaeological Research

Archaeology Data Service GIS Guide to Good Practice

GIS and Remote Sensing for Archaeology: Burgundy, France

Remote Sensing Archeology Research at NASA

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Research Strategy

Research Strategy
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