Research and Collections

Research and Collections

Archaeology – Canada

General archaeology
Prehistoric archaeology (Arctic, Rock art)
Historical archaeology

General archaeology

Canadian Archaeological Association

Canadian Association of Palynologists

Archaeology at Parks Canada

The History of Archaeology in Newfoundland and Labrador

Archaeology in Newfoundland and Labrador: Annual Report Series

Archaeology in Nova Scotia

Réseau Archéo-Québec

Association des archéologues du Québec

Archaeology in Ontario

The Archaeology of Ontario

Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society

Archaeology in Kingston and Eastern Ontario, Canada

Passions and pastimes: Thomas Walter Edwin Sowter, the Ottawa Valley’s First Archaeologist

Exploring the Past: An archeological journey

Summary of Legislation Protecting Heritage Resources in the Northwest Territories

Home is Where the Hearth Is: The contribution of small sites to our understanding of Ontario’s past

The Lavase River Archaeology Project

Saskatchewan Archaeology

Saskatchewan Heritage Online

Archaeology in British Columbia

Archaeology in British Columbia

Northwest Territories Archaeological Reports

Iqaluktuuq Archaeology Project

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Prehistoric archaeology

A History of the Native People of Canada

Aboriginal Canada Portal: History

The First Americans

Paleovegetation Maps of North America; comprising the USA, Canada, Greenland and ‘Beringia’.

Glimpses of Atlantic Canada’s Past

Prehistoric Soapstone Mining

Port au Choix National Historic Site

Echoes from the Past: Prehistoric Archaeology in Quebec

Prehistoric Ontario

Ontario’s prehistoric past

Southwestern Ontario: The First 11,000 Years

Southern Ontario Projectile Points

Kichi Sibi: Tracing Our Region’s Ancient History

Archaeological Mysteries in the Ottawa Area: Edward Van Cortlandt’s ossuary

An Overview of the Prehistory and Early History of the Southern Canadian Shield Region

The McKean Site: A Late Paleo-Indian / Early Archaic Site In Simcoe County, Ontario

Manitoba Culture History Overview

Saskatchewan Heritage Online

Human History in Far Northern Saskatchewan

Provincial Museum of Alberta: Aspects of Alberta Archaeology

Alberta: Archaeology and Pre-Contact

Archaeology FAQ: What is a Medicine Wheel?

Pre-Glacial archeological evidence at Grimshaw, the Peace River area, Alberta

Aboriginal Defensive Sites

Kosapsom village archaeological site

Stó:lo Culture – Ideas of Prehistory and Changing Cultural Relationships to the Land and Environment

Confronting Chaos: Deciphering Activity Areas on a Multi-component Interior Plateau Site

Maintaining Complexity: Changes in Social Inequality During the Marpole-Late Transition in the Gulf of Georgia Region

The Dead and the Living: Burial Mounds and Cairns and the Development of Social Classes in the Gulf of Georgia Region

Northwest Coast Box

Recent Palaeoethnobotanical Research at Scowlitz

Montague Harbour Underwater Archaeology Project$19

Retracing An Archaeological Expedition to Canada’s Northwest Territories

Archaeological Fieldwork Conducted in the Northwest Territories

The significance of the Bluefish Caves in Beringian Prehistory


Archaeology in Arctic North America

One Hundred and Twenty Years of Palaeoeskimo Research in Newfoundland: An History of Research

Lost Visions, Forgotten Dreams – Life and Art of an Ancient Arctic People

MSARP Virtual Slide Show: Archaeology in Arctic Canada

Thule Villages at Resolute Bay


Site of the first scientific archaeological investigations in the Canadian Arctic

Crystal II Archaeological Site, Iqaluit

McDougall Sound Archaeological Research Project (1994)

Nadlok and the Origin of the Copper Inuit

Places of Power, Objects of Veneration in the Canadian Arctic

Qikiqtaruk – Inuvialuit Archaeology on Hershel Island

An Archaeological Expedition to Kuukpak

Rock art

Archaeology FAQ: What is Rock Art and where can I see it?

Pictographs and Petroglyphs

Carved in Stone: Mi’kmaw Petroglyphs Recorded by George Creed 1887-88

Aboriginal Rock Art (in Saskatchewan)

Rock Art of British Columbia

Problems in Dating and Interpreting Rock Art in British Columbia

Petroglyphs in British Columbia

Vancouver Island, BC, Petroglyphs and Pictographs

Petroglyphs, Heaven and Earth

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Historical archaeology

Nova Scotia Archaeology Site Pages

Archaeology at the Fortress of Louisbourg

Archaeology: A Step Back In Time. The Grassy Island Experience

Photographs of Grassy Island : Fort William Augustus 1725 – 1744

Archaeology Comes to the Rescue of a 17th-Century Shipwreck

Lady Sherbrooke : Une fenêtre sur les débuts de la navigation à vapeur sur le Saint-Laurent

A Brief History of Archaeology in Kingston

Archaeological Investigations at Hudson’s Bay Company Fort Edmonton V

Rescue Excavation of the Kirilovka Doukhobor Village Site

The Franklin Trail

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