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Morgan Baillargeon

Curator of Ethnology, Plains

Dr. Baillargeon’s primary research interests include Plains and Great Lakes Aboriginal spirituality; various forms of traditional art and culture; urban Native life; and contemporary Native art, film, theatre, music and multi-media art. Other research projects have included Plains Aboriginal people’s involvement in ranching and rodeo life and hide-tanning technology. Among his current projects is an exhibition dealing with urban Native life and the retention—or survival—of Native culture in urban settings.

Dr. Baillargeon is Métis from Southwestern Ontario. He has a BA from the University of Western Ontario (and the University of Ottawa), specializing in Canadian Literature and Religious Studies; an MA from Carleton University’s Institute of Canadian Studies and Department of Art History, specializing in traditional Aboriginal art; and a PhD from the Department of Classics and Religious Studies at the University of Ottawa. His doctoral research was on Plains Cree beliefs about death and the afterlife, and feeding and feasting with the dead.

tel: (819) 776-8439

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