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Bianca Gendreau

Curator, Post and Communication

Bianca Gendreau joined the staff of the Canadian Museum of Civilization in 1991. As curator at the Canadian Postal Museum, she has published works on postal history and the art of writing. She has also curated several major exhibitions, including travelling and virtual exhibitions. Her interest in this medium is reflected in the diversity of her latest projects: Snow, Her Majesty’s Stamps (2009) and Lace Up! Canada’s Passion for Skating (2006). Since 2009, Bianca Gendreau has been a member of the board of directors of the International Association of Transport and Communications Museums (IATM).

In the areas of research and collections development, her interests cover various aspects of communication, including the history of postal communication in Canada and, more specifically, the study of personal correspondence and ephemeral printed matter. This field of research allows her to deal with the notions of sociability, rituality and material culture in relation to the act of writing, but also with the representations conveyed in ephemeral printed matter. The history of media and communication practices is another aspect of her research. She is interested in the changing behaviours and attitudes of Canadians with respect to new technologies.

Bianca Gendreau holds Master’s degrees in History and Museum Studies from the Université de Montréal.

tel: (819) 776-8483

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