Unique Chinese cultural treasures to be shown for the first and only time in North America

April 11, 2006

Unique Chinese cultural treasures to be shown for the first and only time in North America at the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Gatineau, Quebec, April 11, 2006 – The Canadian Museum of Civilization, in partnership with the National Museum of China, is proud to announce it will be opening a unique exhibition, Treasures from China, at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in May 2007. This exhibition will show some of the finest artifacts of human civilization, illuminating the rich history and achievements of the Chinese people.

“As part of an exchange between two great national museums, many outstanding pieces from the National Museum of China will be displayed for the first time in Canada,” says Dr. Victor Rabinovitch, President and CEO of the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation. “Our Museum will also create a special exhibition showcasing the treasures of Canada’s First Peoples, to be shown in Beijing in 2008. This cultural exchange will strengthen mutual understanding and international cooperation and give Museum visitors in each country a privileged insight into ancient and enduring cultures.”

To make Treasures from China as successful as possible, the Museum will partner with The Canadian Foundation for Chinese Heritage Preservation. The Foundation works to ensure that the rich and vibrant Chinese cultural heritage will continue to be a lasting legacy for all to enjoy. The Museum of Civilization, as a national cultural institution, greatly values the preservation of cultural heritage and artifacts. The Foundation, whose main objective is to preserve Chinese cultural and historical treasures, shares this purpose. This partnership will help both organizations reach their shared goals of preserving cultural treasures and helping the public appreciate these objects through education.

“We are very proud to offer our support for this important exhibition,” says Irene So, Chair, The Canadian Foundation for Chinese Heritage Preservation. “The history of China dates back thousands of years. This exhibition gives us the opportunity to share China’s profound history with Canadians, while giving them a chance to learn about and appreciate these priceless treasures – without having to travel thousands of miles to China.”

The objects that will be displayed in Treasures from China are rare and of great beauty. They include jade carvings and lacquerware, paintings and calligraphy, silk textiles, ceramics, and bronze, gold and silver objects. Among the artifacts are a beautiful bronze zun (wine vessel) with dragon and tiger decoration from the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 B.C.), and a spectacular pottery horse and groom from the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The exhibition will trace China’s remarkable development through the ancient, dynastic and imperial periods, placing the artifacts in their historical context.

Treasures from China will open on May 11, 2007, and will be on display at the Canadian Museum of Civilization until October 28, 2007. The treasured artifacts will then return to Beijing for display in the National Museum of China.


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