New publication: Vestiges de l’indiscipline

May 28, 2007

New Publication Release

Vestiges de l’indiscipline:
environnements d’art et anarchitectures

Valérie Rousseau
Mercury Series, Cultural Studies 81
208 pages, 106 colour photographs
ISBN 978-0-660-97232-9
$34.95 (paper)
(French only)

They are known by a variety of labels—popular art, naïve art, primitive art, folk art, outsider art or untrained art—and appear in the form of abundant sculpture gardens, extravagantly ornamented houses and visionary installations. The artists or artisans who create these environments work alone, outside professional artistic circles, driven by a singular, over-riding need to create and to project their personal universe onto the world around them. They leave an original and vibrant signature on the visual landscape, a timeless landmark that nourishes our personal and collective imaginations. This book invites you to enter their worlds.

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