New publication: More Than Words

May 28, 2007

New Publication Release

More Than Words. Readings in Transport, Communication and the History of Postal Communication
Edited by John Willis
Mercury Series, Canadian Postal Museum 5
382 pages, 57 illustrations, 19 maps, 37 photographs
ISBN 978-0-660-19696-1
$39.95 (paper)

More Than Words features the work of more than twenty scholars from Canada and abroad on topics related to postal communications. Drawing on recent trends in social and cultural history, the authors address the history and importance of the post from such perspectives as infrastructure, technology, nation-building and interpersonal communications. Demonstrating the power of the written word, these new essays examine the post’s essential role in building contacts, exchanging emotions, and forging a culture of communication — in which much more than words are exchanged.

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