New Audioguide Program for Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation made possible by support from Bell

October 11, 2007

New Audioguide Program for Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation made possible by support from Bell

Gatineau, Quebec, October 11, 2007 — Canada’s two national museums of human history, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, in Gatineau, and the Canadian War Museum, in Ottawa, are pleased to announce the addition of audioguides for major special exhibitions, thanks to the generous support of Bell, as sponsor of the audioguide program.

This morning at the launch of a new exhibition GLENN GOULD: The Sounds of Genius, at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Sylvie Morel, Director General of Exhibitions and Programs, thanked Bell for making an audioguide possible. Speaking on behalf of Dr. Victor Rabinovitch, President and CEO of the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation, Morel said: “Sound is central to this exhibition. You can’t fully understand the genius of Glenn Gould without it. Thanks to Bell, our visitors can enhance their experience with this self-guided audio tour that provides an intimate encounter with Gould through his own words and music.”

Mr. Sal Iacono, Senior Vice-President of Connectivity Services, Bell , explained Bell’s keen support. “The Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum communicate history in a lively way to more visitors than any other museum in Canada and, Bell, as Canada’s leading communications company, is pleased to enhance the experience for visitors by making the audioguide program a reality.”

The self-guided tour contains approximately 60 minutes of recordings of Gould the storyteller, musician, and multimedia artist. The material was drawn from taped interviews, live and studio performances, and innovative radio documentaries produced by Gould himself to enrich the visitor’s experience and provide a close-up view of the renowned and influential Canadian artist. Glenn Gould was ahead of his time, musically, and a pioneer for the creative use of electronic media. Thanks to Bell, visitors can gain an even deeper insight into Gould’s creative genius and intriguing personality through the audioguide.

The audioguide for the exhibition about Glenn Gould is the first one at the Museum to be supported by Bell but not the last. As sponsor of the audioguide program for the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation, Bell’s support will make possible a self-guided audio tour for the upcoming Secret Riches: Ancient Peru Unearthed, to open in December at the Museum of Civilization.

The audioguide is available in English and French. There are 120 units available at a cost of $3 for use of each audioguide.

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