Last chance to enjoy major Canadian-Russian exhibition

August 28, 2007

Last chance to enjoy major Canadian-Russian exhibition

Gatineau, Quebec, August 28, 2007 — You only have a few more days to enjoy MASTERS of the Plains: Ancient Nomads of Russia and Canada at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. The exhibition stemmed from a six-year research partnership between the Museum of Civilization and Russia’s Samara Regional Museum. The exhibition reveals both striking similarities and differences between the ancient bison hunters of the North American Great Plains and the ancient nomadic livestock herders of the vast Eurasian Steppes.

Featuring more than 400 artifacts from Canada and Russia, the exhibition examines everyday life on the ancient grasslands. Among the themes explored are food preparation, sacred ceremonies, artistic expression, trade, housing design, modes of travel, care of children, and methods of warfare.

Noteworthy artifacts include a 4,000-year-old bronze sickle used by steppe nomads to cut fodder for their livestock; a 3,500-year-old copper spear point used by Prairie hunters; exquisite bone, shell, gold and precious stone jewellery from both regions; iron stirrups and other horse gear invented on the Steppes; richly decorated animal hides and felt clothing; a drum and a stone pipe used in spiritual ceremonies; and a warrior headdress worn at the historic Battle of the Little Bighorn (known popularly as “Custer’s Last Stand”).

MASTERS of the Plains closes on Monday, September 3, 2007 and will be travelling to the Samara Regional Museum.

Developed by the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Samara Regional Museum, Russia.

More information is available by calling 819 776-7000 or 1 800 555-5621.

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