Kids Celebrate! An activity-centred exhibition at the Canadian Children’s Museum

October 4, 2007

Kids Celebrate! An activity-centred exhibition at the Canadian Children’s Museum

Gatineau, Quebec, October 2, 2007 — Kids Celebrate! is a new exhibition at the Canadian Children’s Museum opening on Saturday, October 6, 2007. This activity-filled exhibition is all about celebrations and how kids and their families observe special festivities in various world cultures and religions.

Everyone loves a special occasion — be it India’s Diwali, Brazil’s Carnival or New Year in China or Japan. Religious festivals such as Hanukkah, Eid al-Fitr, Christmas, Easter and Hina-Matsuri are joyous and important occasions that are celebrated by many people in Canada. Though these celebrations are unique to a particular country, culture or religion, the excitement they bring knows no boundaries.

Kids Celebrate! invites children of ages five to 12 to explore the wonderful diversity of different celebrations with hands-on activities, interactive workshops and through special artifacts. Young visitors will not only broaden their experience of different cultures by participating in these fun activities, but they will more fully appreciate their own cultural heritage. The exhibition will help children discover both commonalities and differences among various celebrations and realize that the tradition of celebrating is something everyone shares. The exhibition Kids Celebrate! shows them how celebrations are more than just fun and games — they are community and family rituals derived from ancient traditions.

The exhibition is organized into six sections, each one exploring celebration through a key theme: food, music, decoration, games and sharing, festive clothing and ceremony. The sections engage young visitors in a hands-on activity such as making a mask for Carnival, a twelve-month calendar or a rakhi (a bracelet made by a girl for her brother during Raksha Bandhan in India). Children can get to know a variety of festive music or try playing traditional festive games such as La Righea, “Ching, Chang, Pok” or “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel.” These are only a few examples of an activity-filled exhibition. Special programming activities will include food and craft workshops, storytelling, musical events and several special festive events during the three months the exhibition is presented.

The exhibition also presents children’s own experiences of celebrating via original and specially selected video presentations. Special artifacts from the Museum’s collection help illustrate the fascinating rituals and traditions that are part of various celebrations.

Kids Celebrate! is on at the Canadian Children’s Museum from October 6, 2007 until January 6, 2008.

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