Canadian folk art collection breezes into Pearson International Airport

March 7, 2008

Canadian folk art collection breezes into Pearson International Airport

Gatineau, Quebec, March 7, 2008 – The Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC) is proud to be inaugurating a lively temporary exhibition at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Wind Work, Wind Play showcases over 30 pieces of wind-driven folk art, borrowed from the collection of the CMC. Beginning March 7, 2008, international and domestic travellers will have the chance to enjoy this colourful display of weathervanes and whirligigs from across Canada, some pieces well over one hundred years old.

“The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) displays are a valuable initiative,” says Dr. Victor Rabinovitch, President and CEO of the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation. “They provide an opportunity to reach a wider range of people, and to introduce both Canadian and international visitors to many aspects of Canadian society, culture and history. We hope this will be the first in a series of collaborations with the GTAA.”

Weathervanes have been part of the built landscape in Europe and North America for centuries. They were perched atop every community’s tallest buildings — on roofs, church steeples and castle towers. Many are now considered icons of folk art. Whirligigs, on the other hand, are created to amuse and entertain. These wind-driven lawn ornaments are generally small figural creations, which, when placed outdoors, engage in frantic movements as they ceaselessly accomplish nothing.

Most people are aware of the weathervane’s role in telling the direction of the wind, however not everyone knows that these directions can also give an idea of oncoming weather. “I’ve always loved old weathervanes, but I never knew how they really worked,” says Sheldon Posen, Curator of Canadian Folklife at the CMC. “As it turns out, they are more than just pretty pointers!”

Wind Work, Wind Play is organized by the Canadian Museum of Civilization for the GTAA and is on display from March 7 to June 11 in the Toronto Pearson International Airport, Terminal 1, Gallery 120.

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