A gift card, the perfect idea!

October 23, 2007

A gift card, the perfect idea!

Offer the unforgettable experience of the Museums, all wrapped up in a lovely gift card!

What can the gift card be used for?
The proud owner of a gift card can use it to:

  • visit both Museums (Canadian Museum of Civilization and Canadian War Museum)
  • watch IMAX movies and even become a member of the IMAX Club
  • make purchases at the boutiques
  • obtain a Museum membership card
Where can I purchase a gift card?
At the box offices and boutiques of the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum.

How much does it cost?
Like any gift card, it’s up to you! Choose a value of $10, $15, $20, $25 or more.

Why give a Museum gift card?
Because it’s the ideal gift! Easy to purchase, it is sure to please any member of your family or friend by providing them with a unique and original experience.

Click here to buy your gift card online: http://cyberboutique.civilization.ca/.

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