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Canadian Museum of History
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Meet the Research Team

Dean F. Oliver

Director, Research

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Kerri Davis

Coordinator, Curatorial Services

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Contemporary Canada and the World

Bianca Gendreau

Manager, Contemporary Canada and the World

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Olivier Côté

Curator, Media and Communications

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Jenny Ellison

Curator, Sport and Leisure

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Xavier Gélinas

Curator, Political History

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Linda Grussani

Curator, Aborginal Art

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Judith Klassen

Curator, Cultural Expression

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Mauro Peressini

Curator, Social History

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Karen Ryan

Curator, Northern Canada

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Laura Sanchini

Curator, Craft, Design and Popular Culture

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James Trepanier

Curator, Post-Confederation Canada

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John Willis

Curator, Economic History

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First Peoples and Early Canada

Alan C. Elder

Manager, First Peoples and Early Canada

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Talena Atfield

Curator, Eastern Ethnology

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Matthew Betts

Curator, Eastern Archaeology

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Isabelle Charron

Curator, French North America

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Timothy P. Foran

Curator, British North America

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Jonathan Lainey

Curator, First Peoples

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Jean-Luc Pilon

Curator, Central Archaeology

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Joseph Weiss

Curator, Western Ethnology

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Janet Young

Curator, Physical Anthropology

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Repatriation and Indigenous Relations

Nadja Roby

Manager, Repatriation and Indigenous Relations

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Karen Albright Murchison

Collections Analyst Repatriation

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Kelly Cameron

Collections Analyst, Repatriation

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Megan Gardiner

Repatriation Technician

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Sites Online Web Map Service (WMS)

Welcome to Sites Online WMS – a service dedicated to sharing information on archaeological sites registered with the Archaeological Sites Office, Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC). This archaeology reference tool includes maps showing distribution of sites, cultural data classification tables, photos of site feature types, data dictionary and bibliography, and a searchable database.

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