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Only IMAX® makes you feel like you’re really there.

Membership Privileges

One year of

  • Unlimited access to regular-priced IMAX® films
  • Discounted price on special programming at the IMAX® Theatre
  • Invitations to special screenings
  • VIP access to the IMAX® Theatre
  • 25% discount on Museum daytime parking
    Evening parking is free for 6 p.m., 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. IMAX® film screenings.
  • 10% discount on food services and gift shop purchases, at both the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum
  • 20% discount for holiday-season shopping at the Museums’ gift shops
  • Discounts on selected ticketed events at the Museums
  • Subscription to the Members-only e-newsletter

Note: Discounts on the Museums’ restaurants and Boutiques do not include alcoholic beverages, merchandise on sale and stamps.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that we have your most up-to-date email address. The Members-only newsletter, exclusive invitations and other news are sent by email only.

Membership Prices

(tax not included)

$29 CHILD | Ages 3-12
$29 STUDENT | 1 full-time student (if 18+, proof is required)
$29 SENIOR | Ages 65+
$39 ADULT | Ages 18–64
$109 FAMILY | Family of 5, max. 2 adults

A special 15% discount* will apply on your Membership purchase if:

  • You live over 100 km from the Museum
  • You buy additional years upfront (discount applies to each additional year)

*These two offers cannot be combined.

Note: Memberships are not transferable or refundable.

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IMAX® Club / Membership Program
Canadian Museum of History
100 Laurier Street
Gatineau (Québec) K1A 0M8

Hours of Operation


Canadian Museum of History
100 Laurier Street
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0M8
Tel: 1-800-555-5621

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Parking Information

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