What do you believe will happen to you after you die?

    • kelly
    • September 3, 2012

    I think that a certain energy that captures the way I have leaned into life will remain- both in the universe and in the hearts and minds of people I have loved. My body will become part of the earth but my spirit/soul may join forces with other spirits and hopefully if the energy we exude is strong yet peaceful we will help the world calm down and operate in the way its creator envisioned… at least I hope this is what happens………….

    • Anonymous
    • September 3, 2012

    Having trusted in Jesus Christ, I will be with him in heaven.

    • Katrin
    • September 3, 2012

    My body will disintegrate and become assimilated in the cycle of natural life.

    My spirit will live on — for better or worse — through the people who have been impacted by me during my lifetime.

    Hell is being despised by those I love and respect.

    • brian
    • September 3, 2012

    The Spirit will go to a place that is light and beautiful. The place or aura is beyond our understanding.

    • Lyn h
    • September 3, 2012

    I believe that life on earth is the only thing that exists; that there is no afterlife. In spite of that, one must live everyday to the fullest, striving to be one’s best, helping others, being loving and kind.

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