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Haitian Vodou, as you’ve never seen it before!

Forget the Hollywood version, with its zombies and pins stuck in dolls! Vodou features more than 300 artifacts from one of the world’s most important collections. This exhibition is a rare opportunity to better understand a complex spiritual tradition, its beliefs and rituals, from the viewpoint of the people who practise it. You will see remarkable objects and will learn more about Vodou with the help of texts, documentary films and first-person accounts by Vodouists from Canada’s Haitian community. You’ll come away transformed!

An exhibition produced in association with the Fondation pour la préservation, la valorisation et la production d’œuvres culturelles haïtiennes (FPVPOCH), in partnership with the Musée d’ethnographie de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland, and the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

© FPVPOCH. Photo Johnathan Watts, MEG