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Les Chansonniers d’Ottawa—Christmas Concert at the Museum of Civilization

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Les Chansonniers d’Ottawa invite you come and sing along with them, as they strike up some of your most cherished holiday melodies. Christmas is definitely in the air!

Les Chansonniers d’Ottawais a local francophone choir with over 50 members. From fall to early summer, they meet weekly to sing a repertoire featuring work by well-known francophone singers and songwriters.

Currently nearing its 40th anniversary, Les Chansonniers d’Ottawa began as a modest church choir in Blackburn Hamlet, led by founder and musical director, Gilles Julien. Over the years, the liturgical repertoire has given way to the secular, with a focus on French-Canadian folk and popular music. In 2006, musical direction was handed over Gilles’ son, François Julien.

During the past 39 years, Les Chansonniers d’Ottawa has performed locally at the National Arts Centre, Centrepointe Theatre, the Museum of Civilization, numerous high schools, hospitals and homes for the elderly, and most recently, the Shenkman Arts Centre. It has numerous recordings to its credit, and has performed in Québec City, southern and northern Ontario and, most recently, New Brunswick.

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