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Exploring the Arctic through the eyes of Diamond Jenness

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A lecture by biographer Dr. Barnett Richling

Visitors can explore the Arctic through the eyes of Diamond Jenness by attending a lecture by biographer Barnett Richling.

Weaving a tale that journeys from New Guinea to the Arctic and beyond, Dr. Richling shares stories and photographs from his new book on one of Canada’s foremost anthropologists. In Twilight and Dawn: A Biography of Diamond Jenness describes the fascinating career of a man who set aside hopes of building a career in the South Pacific to join the 1913–1918 Canadian Arctic Expedition.  

Beginning in August 1914, Jenness spent two years visiting, trading, travelling and living with the Copper Inuit. His time in the North blossomed into a lifelong interest in Canada’s First Peoples—an interest that has left an indelible impression both on twentieth-century anthropology and on the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Photo: G.H Wilkins

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