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Throughout the three weekends of Winterlude, families are invited to turn off technology, slow down and Explore the Wintry Side of History by taking a walk through the homes, shops and early Canadian communities in the Museum’s Canada Hall.

From an inn in New France to a Victorian streetscape, you’ll be inspired and engaged by the lifestyles, values and activities of the people who settled this country.

Cozy up in the New France Inn and try on eighteenth-century winter attire used, not only to keep out the cold, but also to display social status and protect female modesty. Learn about the wives of lumber shanty workers while churning and tasting your own butter. Discover how snow and sub-zero temperatures contributed to the evolution of winter sports from Victorian society to modern times, and make a thaumatrope—a popular toy that helped to pass the long winter days. Then saunter into the Wildcat Cafe, originally located in frosty Yellowknife, for some hot chocolate and poetry.

Photo: Steven Darby



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