Student Resources

A wide range of online resource materials are available for students to use in the classroom.

  • Face to Face in the Classroom is an educational program that will bring you face to face with 28 fascinating people whose decisions, actions and accomplishments shaped Canada.
  • Mystery History-Maker Match-Up
  • Greece: Secrets of the Past is an educational resource which explores the rich legacies left to modern society by the Ancient Greeks.
  • Mysteries of Egypt
  • Before E-commerce: A History of Canadian Mail-Order Catalogues is an educational resource featuring catalogues and other mail-order resources and how to use them in your classroom.
  • Civilization Clicks! is an educational resource featuring Web modules for students from Kindergarten through Grade 12.  These modules – on topics as wide-ranging as folklorist Marius Barbeau, Aboriginal heritage and Canadian immigration – include specially designed games and activities that are both entertaining and educational.
  • The Art of Puppetry features photographs, a glossary and extensive historical information on one of the world’s oldest and most creative forms of artistic expression.
  • From Blacksmiths to Blackboards enables students to explore life in a typical Quebec village from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by clicking on individual village buildings.

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