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Brick - D-5377 - CD97-502-041

Stoup - D-2682 - CD97-501-059
Brick, from the farmhouse at Crysler's Farm. The building near Morrisburg, Upper Canada (Ontario), had been the British command headquarters during the November 1813 battle there with American invaders. American failure at Crysler's Farm ended their effort to capture Montreal and foretold the ultimate result of the War of 1812-14. (D-5377) Stoup, Jesuit Monastery, Quebec City. Found in the ruins of the monastery. (D-2682)

Wheel - G-69 - CD97-503-062

Document - D-2644 - CD97-501-053
Wheel from a barrow abandoned by the Adolphus Greely expedition, 1881-1884. Greely led an American exploration team to Ellesmere Island as part of the 1882-83 International Polar Year campaign. The venture ended in disaster; only seven of 26 expedition members survived. This relic was found at Fort Conger on the northeast coast of the island. (G-69) Document left in a cairn on Cornwallis Island by a member of a party searching for the Franklin Expedition, 1851. The disappearance of Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin and his two vessels led to 11 rescue attempts that finally documented the death of Franklin and the loss of his ships and men. Gift of Mr. Peter Bremner. (D-2644)

Boot - G-14 - CD97-503-053

Pocket Knife - D-5775 - CD97-502-067
Boot left in a cache on Banks Island, Northwest Territories, by the Vilhjalmur Stefansson Expedition, 1917. Found by the crew of HMCS Labrador in 1954. (G-14) Pocket knife retrieved from Lake Huron by scuba divers. (D-5775)

Container - G-2 - CD97-503-047

Container discovered on Ellesmere Island. British in origin, it was reportedly full of rum when found. (G-2)