The Journey Continues . . .

Creating the Canada Hall is a massive and continuous undertaking, reflecting the evolution of the country itself. Since opening in 1989, Phase 1 has focused primarily on settings from the Atlantic region, Quebec and Ontario, spanning the years from A.D. 1000 to 1885. The development of Phase 2, the section devoted to Western and Northern Canada from 1885 to the present, is now under way. When complete, the Canada Hall will offer a voyage through all regions of Canada and present a portrait of our heritage unparalleled in scope and authenticity.

A new phase of the journey has begun, tracing the routes we have followed from 1885 to the present day. The images and descriptions in the following pages provide a glimpse of the major exhibits currently being developed to depict life in the Prairies, the Pacific region and Northern Canada. The rich and diverse heritage of these regions will come to life in realistic settings and artifacts, interactive multimedia presentations and live performances. We invite you to join us in this ongoing journey.

Phase 2

Explore the second phase of the Canada Hall through the interactive floorplan.

Canadian Pacific Gallery
Saskatchewan Grain Elevator
Language and Culture in Manitoba
Winnipeg Labor Temple
Chinese Hand Laundry
Ukrainian Church
The Story of Toles School in Amber Valley
Alberta Oil Rig
West Coast Communities
Pacific Gateway
Visions of the New North


Editing: Ed Laine
Production: Ed Laine; Daniel Careau
Graphic design: Hugh Hamilton
Text: Canadian Museum of Civilization; Hill and Knowlton; Roger Dowdall
Quicktime VR Production: Harry Foster