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WebQuest: Great Young Canadians

Teacher Notes

Do young Canadians make a difference? This WebQuest challenges your students to highlight the accomplishments of their peers through the creation of a conceptual exhibition.


  • Designed for students in Grades 6+.
  • Connects to language arts, history, and media studies curricula, with further application to Health and Science, Politics and Government, and Arts and Music, depending on the personalities selected by the students.
  • Students work in teams of five.
  • Students must have Internet access.
  • Requires two 45-minute research sessions, plus one presentation session.

Propose the following scenario to your students:

You sit on the development team for a new exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec. The topic of your exhibition is "Great Young Canadians". With your team, you must decide how you will select the young Canadians to be featured in this exhibition, how you would like to display their achievements and accomplishments, and what other events could highlight your exhibition.

Start this WebQuest with a classroom brainstorming session. Ask students, "What names come to mind when you think of the greatest young people in the country?" You may need them to define "young person" - there is no right answer to this question. Note down the various definitions (under 30? under 20?). Students may also need to define Canadians who are no longer young (or are even deceased), but who accomplished a great deal while they were still young. As the students respond, write the names they come up with on the board or chart. After the students have selected about 20 or 25 names, group them into categories (Arts and Music, Health and Medicine, Politics and Government, Sciences, Sports) and note geographical areas (you may need a Canadian biographical dictionary to accomplish this task; online resources include www.canadianencyclopedia.ca and www.biographi.ca).

This list will be used as a starting point for the WebQuest activity. You may wish to write the list out and distribute it to the class. Assign students to small teams of four to six students. Assign each team one of the categories identified above.

As a team, the students should read over the Task and Process sections of this WebQuest.

PDF download of activities for WebQuest
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