Mothers of Time

Figurines: The Bust

The Bust is the only one of the Mothers of Time to have been written about prior to October 1994; Father Henri Breuil published a short document on it in 1928.

This is a woman's bust; sculpted in an almost minimalist style, it has endured the ravages of time. Slightly asymmetrical, the face has been carved within a more or less circular frame, giving the impression of either a thick head of hair or headgear. The eyes and the nose are rendered by thin lines and what could be a natural flaw in the rock corresponds to the mouth. All that remains of the torso is one breast; the other one, like the shoulders and possibly the arms, having been broken off long ago.

Made of soft stone, a variety of blackish chlorite with tints of green, the piece is approximately 29 millimetres high.