Credits and Acknowledgements


Research and writing
Lucie Johanis
Archaeology and History, CMC

Informatics Project Management
Mikael Meyer
Bruce Watkinson
Michèle Watson
Corporate Systems Group, CMC

Administrative support
Diane Lalande
Archaeology and History, CMC

Financial Administration
Pascal Bégin
Célise Bélanger
Financial Services, CMC

Web Site Management & Design
Sandra Hammel
Andrew MacDonald
Corporate Systems Group, CMC

Technical Assistance

Mark Gallant
Archaeology & History, CMC
Jason Ting
ESRI Canada

Technical Assistance
(Systems Integration)

Dominic Lawless
Computer Associates
Richard Saxton

Technical Assistance
(KE Database)

Robert Patterson
Library, Archives and Documentation, CMC

Geomatics consultant
Steve Priess
ESRI Canada


Thanks to Judith Tomlin for her support at the inception of this project and to my esteemed colleagues Ian Dyck, Bryan Gordon and David Morrison for their direction and valuable suggestions. To Matthew Betts, Max Friesen, Robert McGhee, Jean-Luc Pilon, Patricia Sutherland and Peter Whitridge, thank you for the photo contribution. Special thanks to Steve Preiss for his unwavering support and encouragement.

Funding for this project was provided partly by the GeoConnections program.


To my friend Alootook Ipellie who struggled in silent eloquence.

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