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The Canadian History Hall

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A flint arrowhead. A brass astrolabe. An iron railway spike. All objects bearing witness to a story of conflict, struggle and loss, but also one of accomplishment, success and hope. Welcome to the new Canadian History Hall, where evidence of the past tells a tale as vast and varied as the land itself.

Occupying more than 40,000 square feet, this signature gallery will trace Canada’s history from the dawn of human habitation to the present day. Authentic artifacts and stories are explored through various lenses, as visitors encounter the events, movements and personalities that have shaped our nation, and whose influence on our lives can still be felt today.

The largest and most ambitious exhibition project ever undertaken by the Canadian Museum of History, the Canadian History Hall is our gift to the people of Canada as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Construction on the Canadian History Hall is well underway. Follow the Museum’s blog to get regular updates on the major project milestones.

The Hall in Numbers:

The Galleries

The Hall consists of a main floor, with a mezzanine or half-floor above it. The main floor and the mezzanine are connected by a walkway at the central hub. The exhibition is divided into three galleries: two on the main level and one on the mezzanine.

The Development

Since the beginning of this project in 2012, a team of Museum’s researchers, museologists and designers has been working actively with specialized advisory committees, community groups and stakeholders to help inform the exhibition’s development. Feedback received from Canadians through engagement activities at the start of the project is also instrumental in shaping the new exhibition.